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Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives
North Ari Atoll Maldives
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Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives - Imagine yourself walking on a beautiful white sandy beach, barefoot, where the only sound is that of palm leaves swaying in the soft breeze from the sea, and the waves rushing to shore. Imagine getting up in the morning with the sun and starting your day with one of the best scuba dives you've ever experienced in your life! Imagine all the fishes you'll meet, all that exotic marine life of the tropics!

Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives

Halaveli enjoys an exceptionally location with broad sandy beaches, adjoining a delightfully deep lagoon which Mother Nature has endowed with full bounty. While the reflections on the lagoon are a fascination of finality, the species of fauna are innumerable, and the flora, picturesque and psychedelic. Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives can be reach by Flying: 30 min / Speedboat: 90 min/ Dhoni: 360 min.

Accommodation: Each occupant is entitled to his own roomy individual bungalow-typed house, sunk deep into thick foliage of palm and tropical vegetation. The houses are equipped with modern amenities together with spacious bathrooms. Every one of these houses has its own private beach facing the Ocean. A walk through the wild vegetation of Halaveli at sunset is an experience one shall not miss. Facilities: air-conditioned, with hot & cold Fresh water, IDD telephone, hair dryer, minibar.

Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives

Restaurant: All meals are served at the main restaurant in Halaveli. As everywhere else in the island, the ambience makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Buffets are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffets are always generous and the food is distinctively Italian, prepared by experienced, professional chefs; the food tastes great and the friendly service adds to the enjoyment of every meal. You find yourself establishing a rapport with your waiter after the very first meal and cannot help but appreciate the personalised service that you receive. The restaurant buzzes with lively chatter and laughter at meal times, making you want to linger behind even after you do justice to the excellent fare. Even though a holiday is basically food for the soul, your holiday will also be enriched by the sumptous meals offered at the restaurant.

Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives

The bar in Halaveli is the island’s main centre of entertainment. Open on all sides, with a high, thatched ceiling; with soft, sandy floors and views of the beach and ocean, the bar is a welcoming place. All guests come together here after lunch for an hour of fun as the island’s in-house animators put on live music shows with barroom puzzles and quizzes with a difference. The bar comes alive in the evenings once again as live music and excited chatter permeates the air as happy guests discuss the day’s events. It is truly a pleasure to spend time here, revelling in the general bonhomie that is always present when guests gather here.

Halaveli Holiday Village Resort Maldives

Recreational Facilities: Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Night Diving, Parasailing, Snorkeling Day/Night, Water-skiing, Banana Boat Riding, Canoeing, Catamaran Sailing, Surfing, Aerial Excursion, Discotheque, Beach Volleyball, Fishing, Wake Boarding, Ringo Riding, Island Hopping, Aerobics, Table Tennis, Game Fishing and Excursions.

Diving: Experience one of the best scuba dives you'll have in your whole life. Meet all the exotic marine life of the tropics. Diving is extremely popular here (as it is in the neighbouring, non-italian resorts), one of the many good reasons for this is the three Protected Marine Areas close - by. One is renowned as the white tip reef shark capital of the Maldives, one is the grey reef shark capital and the third is unsurpassed for corals and the smaller reef fish.

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